1. Maren Gurevich

    Your this is 50 is wonderful full of amazing talented beauty’s women. It is inspirational.
    Did you tap into my brain about Jan. ? It is my recharging time too. Distractions are gone, the grey is like fog to quiet my brain.
    Your retreat slows you to go so much further.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Your capturing of Martha was perfect.

    1. Kristin Perers

      Maren, that means so much to me coming from someone who knew (and was an accomplice to) Martha when she was a young pioneer building cabins in the woods. Wait she’s still doing that! Aren’t these cabins important!? Even if they are just a space in our heads.


  2. Beautiful images and musings about life, art & nature. As I turn 50 in May, I look forward to the wisdom and appreciation of all of this, that it brings.


  3. I’m new to your wonderful blog, just wanted to say hello, I am enjoying your writing enormously.


  4. Kristin, this blog is transforming into something quite special and wonderful… Happy New Year for 2014, wishing you everything you wish for yourself… Mx

  5. Karen

    Courageous, beautiful, and compelling. Every post is a delight. Keep up the good work!


  6. Another inspirational series, reminding me that the energy and solace I seek are all around me in nature. Thank you and Happy New Year! xo


  7. I really love your words! Even though I am a mere spring chicken (?) at 31, I am definitely in a time of transition. Your words ring true and your photos are beautiful. :)

  8. Rebecca

    Kristin – such beautiful, lyrical picttures… you make me want to pack up my paints and go to Cornwall… and walk along the cliffs… Rx


  9. Such a beautiful post. So inspiring, compelling, beautiful, textural, wonderful. It is always a treat when I know you have posted something new! Happy New Year! x


  10. Hi,
    Very inspiring! I am in my early fifties and have just returned from a month away on an island. Bliss! You are so right about this time of year, a recharging of the batteries. Maybe with age wisdom comes.


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