Joanna Bibby (Jo)
Founding Partner/ Designer OCHRE
  • 15.01.61
CURRICULUM VITAE - the 'courses of life' that have shaped me into who I am today.
  • 1960's.
Innocent childhood early years:  Rural country life growing up in a small village wedged between the Lakeland Fells and the Yorkshire Dales with freedom to explore with siblings, friends and family pets to share adventures. We had a big dressing up box  full of costumes, stiletto shoes that were way too big. Tottering to the village shop all dressed up to the nines with my best friend Susan, pushing our dolls prams was a regular event thinking we were so cool! We had quite a menagerie of pets who didn't escape the dressing up process either. Particularly our very gentle understanding dog Heidi, a cheeky beagle with the softest velvet ears.
  • 1970's
 I was very tall for my age and felt awkward, being rather shy I would blush easily which I hated. I actually enjoyed school though and had a lot of fun but did very little work. I spent most of my time in the Art room.  We had prefab classrooms perched by a river and I was always first in the room so I could bags a seat by the window. I was a big daydreamer and far more interested in  watching river life, the herons fishing and king fishers flashing by than paying attention to the lessons. " If Joanna spent as much time on her school work as she does gazing out of the window, she could do very well". Was one of my reports!!! I never did and I know my parents despaired. Art school beckoned at 17  for a foundation year and I loved it.
  • 1980's
I moved to London and worked as a Nanny initially, cookery school followed and a desire to see more of the world.  It was the beginning of 10 years  passion for traveling and working all hours as a cook to make ends meet and finance another trip. These years were my education and growing up time. I was young, invincible and thirsty to learn more about other cultures. The colours, the food, the people and generally having fun. These were magical years, I was open to and humbled by the experience. I was a big sponge soaking it all in.
  • 1990's
The creative world was always calling me and I eventually went back to Art School aged 30 and studied Decorative Arts. It was wonderful, I had found what I wanted to persue as a career. Two years after leaving collage I joined forces with Harriet (Maxwell Macdonald, a friend from art school) and Ochre was born in its embryonic state in 1995. It was a very organic process but we were driven by a shared passion for design and a determination to make it work. We had so much to learn about business and made mistakes along the way, but we had  a huge amount of fun too. My flat became the workshop and Harriet's flat the office.
  • 2000's
2000 flew. Growing the business step by step. Solenne joined us and became our third Partner and we design together. It just seems to work and we are great friends.
I always enjoy meeting new amazingly skilled craftsmen who have perfected their art. Learning what they can do and how we can translate their materials and skills into exciting new designs. Spending a day in workshops for these collaborations is always inspiring and feeds the creative juices.
Having lived in London for 20 years I was longing to live in the country. I finally managed the move when I was 45.  I work from home part of the week and London for the rest.its a good balance. I love the buzz of London but I also love the calm quiet of the countryside.
  • 2010's
Although I am now in my 50's I still feel forever 30. (A little more creaky in the body maybe) I hope I will always have a child like inquisitiveness,  and embrace new experiences. Live in the now, and extract the positive.
More travel and the Aurora Borealis beckon.
Good for the Soul - wild remote places. Preferably cold and high in the mountains. I love cold crispy weather.
Good for the Body - Bracing walk by a crashing Sea.
Good for the Heart - lots of laughter with friends. Big log fires.
  • Dress –  Toast
  • Cream silk necklace and shell belt - India
  • Embroiderd  bag – car boot sale

Jo 1961


  1. This is a beautiful lady and I love her dress and style. I am so enjoying these amazing portraits, especially as I am of this age group and find myself floundering all to often.
    Lynn x


  2. I love the idea for this blog. Jo is inspiring and your photography is great!


  3. I’m really delighted to find you and your blog – now halfway through my 50s I am, for the first time in my life, finding myself looking out there in the world for other women of my age. Not to tell me how to be, but to remind me that it’s still (even more) ok to carry on as myself, and not think it necessary to start sinking into invisibility. And so I stumble here (via, I think, Desire to Inspire) and see not only beautiful women doing their thing, but even some I recognise – I covet Ochre’s lights and furniture and am delighted to see that one of their creators is as beautiful as their products. And Remodelista is my go-to interiors blogs…


  4. I think I just found my sister, although a much prettier and younger one, I must say. Even my husband noted the incredible resemblance. Fun to see the article and now on my “bookmarks”


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