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    Alyson Walsh Fashion journalist and That’s Not My Age blogger 31.12.63   It’s only been a couple of months, but I much prefer 50 to 40. At 40, I was single, no kids and miserable. Now I’m happily living with Mr That’s Not My Age and have a blog (which is a bit like having a child), and both of these things have changed my life.   Gone are the wobbly, 'is-this-it?' days of my forties, I feel happier in my own skin, more confident than my younger self and a lot more settled than I have done for some time. I love blogging, it continues to be both an adventure and an education and I’ve met some fabulous, like-minded women online, such as Kristin. And occasionally, virtual friends become real friends.   Having worked for many years as a fashion editor on women’s magazines, I’d much rather be on the other side of the camera lens. I’m quite self-conscious and hate having my photo taken. Though strangely I had no qualms about doing this shoot, that’s the Carpe Diem attitude kicking in. After spending years peddling all the tired, old fashion rules, I’m a firm believer in just wearing what you like, whatever makes you happy. Like the sale bargain, M&S sequin skirt I wore on my 50th birthday – a low-key celebration with a handful of family and friends in New York – and my gorgeous leather biker jacket: a birthday present from Mr That’s Not My Age.   I know it’s a bit of a cliché but 50 really is fabulous. Obviously health, wellbeing and taking good care of yourself are important, but as Oscar Wilde said, ‘Everything in moderation, including moderation.’   What are you seeing? I’m seeing lots of fabulous women in their fifties and beyond – like Michelle Obama, Ines de la Fressange, Emma Thompson, Christine Lagarde – these are my role models, and they ‘re reinventing midlife.   What was the impetus to start your blog That Not My Age? To celebrate the creed ‘style begins at 40’.’ The fashion industry is notoriously youth-obsessed and I wanted to provide an alternative to this. To celebrate gorgeous, talented, stylish people of a certain age who aren’t Botoxed to the hilt or trying too hard. Also, having written in a ‘house style’ for years, I wanted to write as me. To talk about life and style in an honest, light-hearted way, the way I talk to my friends We all have a vision of ourselves as an old woman, even if it is a glimpes, what is yours? Running the marathon at 90          

Alyson 1963

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