December 2013

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Sian Tucker Oct 8, 1958 Textile Designer, Co Founder Creator of  FForest   What was your experience of being photographed? I don't like being the centre of attention and so my first response on being approached by Kristin was to say NO! Then I thought about it and quite tentatively agreed and then, as the time approached, I began to really look forward to it. The actual experience was quite playful, full of make believe and adventure, dressing up in blankets, pretending to be an Indian squaw, floating downstream in a canoe on a early autumn afternoon. In the end it was a lovely opportunity to sit and reflect on the passing river of life and consider where and who we are now.   What are you reading? What are you looking at?  I used to read a lot but now I find it much more difficult to stay awake! I love cookery books and the latest good find is 'The Ethicurean Cookbook'  There are recipes here and stories of completely delicious food and drink which are all pretty much grown and lovingly prepared by a group of friends in a walled garden outside of Bristol. They truly are cooking with the British seasons and brilliantly. They press their own old varieties of apples for juice and cider, plus they make their own Vermouth. It's very inspiring.   Who are you listening to? 'The Staves' is what I am loving to listen to at the moment. A British acoustic folk rock trio of sisters. Beautiful, clear and perfect. Angels.   What's good for the body? for the heart and soul?  We moved to West Wales from the centre of London eight years ago. Here there are fewer cultural activities, but we are surrounded by nature.  Every day I notice the light on the trees, in the sky, through the clouds, on the sea - it's constantly changing. I notice the seasons passing, little by little. These things I truly love. They feed my soul. My favourite thing to do is to spend the day with my family and friends. We walk over the cliff tops or pootle by boat across the sea to a secret beach and then set up a camp, collecting drift wood, making a fire, diving for spider crabs. We then cook over the coals and eat. We swim, we paddle and play games till sunset, then we head for home. This is as good as it gets. Cooking and eating, laughing and being outside with those you love is blissful for the body, for the heart and soul. Despite the everyday toils and challenges of work, I feel very blessed and very lucky.   Clothing: All well worn workwear / vintage and new blankets from the FForest shop. Jewellery: From Northern India, collected and given as presents by James (as in J see above) Follow Sian and the FForest family (and be transported to another world) on Instagram