January 2013

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Christine Chang Hanway
UK Editor Remodelista
CURRICULUM VITAE - the 'courses of life' that have shaped me into who I am today.
1960's - CLUELESS - Living the American Dream as the only Chinese family in a blue blood New England (Connecticut) suburb. First thing I ever wanted to be was a red haired waitress with white skin - telling, no? My second biggest aspiration was to be a ballerina.
What was I thinking?
1970's - TENTATIVE - My teenage years were spent being bored and under stimulated in predominately white suburbia where the most exotic thing going was Kraft cheese on Ritz crackers. I knew I had to get out and swore never to raise my children in the suburbs. My first heartthrobs were all based on Hubbell Gardiner, Robert Redford's character in The Way We Were.
Seriously? What was I thinking?
1980's - TURBULENT - In my twenties, I made the great escape to urban living via university (New York) and graduate school (Boston). Loved college; wrestled with the all male corporate environment I encountered at architecture school and subsequently in the profession. While miserable on one hand, I had also met my husband to be at architecture school. With a Japanese mother and authentically preppie WASP father; his DNA brought my two conflicting worlds together. More importantly, he understood me.
1990's - THRILLING - During my thirties, I moved to London, became a parent and quit the architecture profession; coming to the realization that my career was not what defined me.
Happy Day!
2000's - AFFIRMING - In my forties I raised two sons, embarked on many creative and satisfying projects, became at ease with myself and found humour.
2010's - FULFILLING - I enter my fifties with a husband who still understands me, two teenage sons who are interesting and more importantly interested, an amazing set of friends and family all over the world, exciting and enjoyable work and very much to look forward to.
Far from finished.
Required Reading  
My sister's book - Beyond the Narrow Gate by Leslie Chang; A story about my mother and her three classmates and their journey from Middle Kingdom to middle America. This beautifully written story explains so much about where I have come from.
Good for the Soul - A walk in Primrose Hill Good for the Body - Pilates; my fountain of youth
Good for the Heart - the self -winding vintage Rolex from the 60's that my husband gave to me to remind me of my father and his watch.
Dress - vintage Prada
Shoes - Beatrix Ong
Bag - vintage Prada